CMS PageCommand

CMS PageCommand Content Management Systems are designed as cost effective entry level content managed solutions that allow greater control over your page content than traditional design methods.

If you need an entry level CMS with flexibility at a low price, PageCommand is tough to beat. Simply specify the number of pages you require and you are good to go. Page bundle purchases make multiple self editible pages even more attractive. Search Engine Optimisation techniques are easily applied to promote your pages quickly and easily.

Change website content easily saving time & money!
Build rich brochural pages in a web site designed to compliment your branding.
Choose a PageCommand CMS web solution & only pay for what you need.

Thinking of building a new website, or upgrading your old site to something more flexible?
PageCommand CMS websites generate a return on investment for your business, club, or organisation the moment you edit your own pages.

PageCommand Homepage

Perfect for entry level on a budget. Self administrate your own mini website.
1 fully editable and customisable content page.
1 Contact Page complete with contact form and ability to upload a map.

PageCommand Presence

This 4 page online presence will give you a solid start with full ability to tailor content and search engine optimisation outcomes.

PageCommand Presence Pro

The ultimate in a brochural online presence with plenty of scope for content

Prices are in NZD and are GST exclusive.